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Sensitive Information on Sierra Leone Released by the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office Under FOI

As disclosed last week, MambaTV is in receipt of a set of documents released under Freedom of Information Act by the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). The released documents are described as “the Annual Reviews on Sierra Leone, including the calendars of events, covering the years 1991, 1992 and 1993”. Included in the documents are chronological listing of events by month which represent significant activities of the government of Sierra Leone and its officials, including the president and head of states at the time; information about the state of the rebel war and related peace talks; significant activities of international organizations and foreign donors and governments; information about the state of the economy; the NPRC overthrow; and information about return to multi-party democracy and the related constitutional review. The documents contain wealth of information pertinent to the state of affairs in the country at the time.
For full disclosure, a source in UK who requests to remain anonymous forwarded these documents to a MambaTV contact. For the historic value these document present to the Sierra Leone public, we plan to seek to obtain these same set of documents for other periods.
Below is the full set of the documents. 
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Mustapha Wai
Host, MambaTV Focus on Sierra Leone
October 28, 2016

See the documents below:

1991 Calendar of Events and Summary

1991 Calendar Events_10

1991 Calendar Events_20

1991 Calendar Events_30

1991 Calendar Events_40

1991 Calendar Events_50

1991 Summary_10

1991 Summary_20

1991 Summary_30

1991 Summary_40

1991 Summary_50

1991 Summary_60

1992 Calendar of Events and Summary

1992 Calendar Events_10

1992 Calendar Events_20

1992 Calendar Events_30

1992 Calendar Events_40

1992 Calendar Events_50

1992 Calendar Events_60

1992 Calendar Events_70

1992 Summary_10

1992 Summary_20

1992 Summary_40

1992 Summary_50

1992 Summary_60

1992 Summary_70

1992 Summary_80

1993 Calendar of Events and Summary

1993 Calendar Events_10

1993 Calendar Events_20

1993 Calendar Events_30

1993 Calendar Events_40

1993 Calendar Events_50

1993 Calendar Events_60

1993 Summary_10

1993 Summary_20

1993 Summary_30

1993 Summary_40

1993 Summary_50

1993 Summary_60